Winfoor receives a €2.1 million grant from EU under the Horizon2020/SME Instrument Phase 2 Program for its project Triblade

Winfoor, today announces that it has received a grant of €2.1 million in response to its proposal to the highly competitive SME Instrument Phase 2 funding program (4% success rate).

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(May 30th 2017)

Nordex and Winfoor in Triblade partnership

Nordex and Winfoor form partnership to accelerate the development and commercialization of Triblade. The two companies will work together to evaluate and adapt Triblade for Nordex wind turbines.

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(August 30th 2016)

Small-scale pilot successfully launched

We are pleased to announce that Winfoor has just completed the company’s first pilot test installation. A Triblade rotor was installed on a wind turbine and tested under real conditions.

We are very happy about this first pilot test. It is the result of a major achievement by the R&D team and is a significant step forward on our path to bring this new and amazing technology to the market”, says Rikard Berthilsson, CEO of Winfoor.

A video of the test can be found in the Technology section of this webpage.

(February 19th 2016)

Small-scale pilot to launch very soon

The Triblade is finally about to be tested under real conditions as a small scale wind turbine will be equipped with a Triblade rotor in early 2016. The pilot project is intended to provide valuable information about the technology, such as power efficiency, noise, operation in different wind & weather conditions etc. The results will set the path for future R&D projects and provide a vital proof-of-concept.

– A successful pilot could have huge ramifications for the world of wind energy as the Triblade technology might make it possible for the industry to take the next necessary step by allowing blades to potentially be 80% lighter, twice as long and give four times the power output, says Rikard Berthilsson, CEO of Winfoor.

The 3.6 meter long test blades have been manufactured with the help of composite manufacturer Jocå Teknik. They will be mounted to a test turbine provided by Nordic Folkecenter, a Danish specialist in test implementations of wind energy technologies with extensive experience in performing pilot installations.

(November 9th 2015)

Triblade awarded SEK 5.3 million in public funding

Winfoor is proud to announce that Triblade has been awarded SEK 5 300 000 (€550 000) in public funding for three different projects.  The projects will advance on the Triblade technology and prepare for market introduction. A pilot installation that equips a wind turbine with a Triblade rotor is planned for early 2016. It will be a pivotal step in the development of Triblade by allowing us to test the technology under real conditions for a longer period of time.

Mistra, Vinnova and SWPTC are providing the funding. Winfoor will oversee the projects in close partnership with Lund University, Chalmers and Marstrom Composite. Including contributions from the project partners, the total budget for the projects is SEK 10 600 000 (€1 100 000).

(September 17th 2015)

We have improved our website

Our website has now been redesigned to contain more information and a partner login. We hope you will find it easier to stay updated on Winfoor and the innovative Triblade technology.  If you have any comments or questions concerning the new website, please let us know.
(September 17th 2015)