Winfoor is a pioneer in advanced rotor blade technology. Our flagship product, Triblade, is a disruptive technology for large scale wind turbine rotor blades, that dramatically reduces the cost of production and transportation, and makes blades much lighter.

Triblade benefits

Description of Technology

22m diameter Triblade on wind turbine

Triblade is a 3-in-1 blade. Three slender blades are linked together by supporting structure (bracing) to form a truss or framework. The three blades are the ones that drive the rotor around. The design is similar to old type bi-planes from the early 1900s, where the planes had two wings on each side of the fuselage. While the bracing introduces some additional drag, the close proximity of the blades greatly improves the aerodynamic performance, giving Triblade outstanding energy conversion efficiency.

Triblade being installed on wind turbine.

Truss structures are used in a broad range of large-span structures, such as, bridges and supporting roof beams. They have an optimal mechanical action since its members are mainly subjected to pure tension or compression, which results in structures having high stiffness and strength. These truss structures can be made of composite materials with very high strength to weight ratio such as GFRP and CFRP resulting in very lightweight large-span structures.

The result is that Triblade can be made much lighter and longer, and at lower cost than standard blades.  The latter also comes from the fact that Triblade is made in modules, making it perfect for automated production and efficient transportation in sections. Assembly is done near or at the site of installation