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Triblade™ rotor blades

Cheaper, Longer and Easier to Transport

Triblade Rotor Blade

Rotor blades are causing big problems for wind power industry. They are expensive, they are heavy, and they are made in one piece. Both production and shipping pose significant challenges.

Winfoor has the solution. It is called Triblade and it is a disruptive technology for large scale wind turbine rotor blades. The unique technology is a 3-in-1-blade that lowers the costs for rotor blades dramatically. It makes shipping easy and efficient. Blades become much lighter and they can be made in modules.

Looking ahead, Triblade can spearhead the development of next generation larger and more powerful wind turbines, by allowing for much longer blades than today.

It is a game changing technology that can accelerate the transition to greater use of wind power worldwide and give Winfoor a unique opportunity on a global rotor blade market that is projected to reach $33 billion by 2025.